Peace in Chicago, Just like Westeros

Game of Thrones Iron Throne on a bike.

Mayor Lightfoot of Chicago has asked Gang leaders to stop the violence. Pretty much every weekend the death toll from shootings increases in Chicago. Sure 2020 had lower numbers during COVID lockdowns. After a woke summer of protests, winter is still coming and easing of lockdowns are an example of grudges, beheadings, lies and betrayal increasing. Holiday weekends are prime time with extra bystanders in the streets and realizations Lannister’s and BLM blew up the citadel.

Lightfoot said “We are asking you to decrease the violence. If you don’t, the next mayor may not be a woke black mayor, like me.” She animatedly continued, “you could go back to a Lannister-like Mayor Daley.” The Daley Lords were flawed and their exit from Chicago political control is valued, but what of the people?

“If you don’t calm the violence, we may be forced to raise the banners and bridges to protect fancy businesses downtown and fund the police.” Lightfoot said, in a phone call to gang leaders. Lightfoot continued by saying “We the sexually confused, racially divided need to come together and not kill our own.”

Strangely, Cersai Lightfoot has these “Gang” Leaders as favorites on her phone. Other Mayors around Democrat cities that have defunded the police are following her lead. or are they?

Tully Wheeler pleaded with Antifa. “I know you hate me but please tone it down or they might elect someone who doesn’t allow 300 consecutive days of protests.”

We at DogFacePonia can’t think of anything that could go wrong from Mayor directly negotiating with real leaders to curb the violence. It totally works outside the Seven Kingdoms and worked well in 1930 Chicago when AL Capone was running the show. This couldn’t possibly have any impact on the Tyranny. By allowing gang leaders having direct access to the Sister’s orifices or in Seattle’s case the mayor’s house. It will all go great. Not only that, but mayors can always use the normal plan of blaming it on guns or House Trump. What could possibly go wrong???

DogFacePonia chooses to stay neutral in these disputes as you well know. House DogFacePonia believes in Freedom, Pride, and Love of our Land. We know this may be a stark difference for some but Biden seems to fail as much as he prevents trying to recount his votes.

Image From: “IMG_3056 – Game of Thrones pedicab” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Anime Nut