Plan to Fix Education

You Not Elect 2 Fail

We at DogFacePonia are always trying to improve the educational system. To that end, we are analyzing educational progress in states and around the world.

Ketanji Brown Jackson received a Harvard education yet she doesn’t know what a woman is. We have investigated how that can be resolved. If you’re not sure if the pony you’re looking at is a male or a female, take a peak at their undercarriage! The easiest way to identify a female pony is by the absence of a package and the presence of a vulva and teats. Pony soldiers can determine sex without being a veterinarian but Supreme Court nominees cannot without a biologist to help. Ketanji Brown Jackson is at a loss because she is not allowed to look at the undercarriage. Though we don’t recommend this in human schools yet somehow despite wanting to teach young children about sexuality Liberals don’t even know how to identity it.

The president of the American Federation of teachers incorrectly spelled “Ukraine.”  She also was promoting a tweet where the Ukrainian flag was depicted upside down (later photoshopped correctly) in a post that was later deleted. It is thus doubtful that she could find Ukraine on a map (spelled correctly). The American education system has failed to teach spelling and geography even to the president of the American Federation of teachers so how can we teach sexual education to primary school children. We don’t have enough biologists(or geographers). We at DogFacePonia are emphasizing spelling and geography over LGBTQ+ education. There are more letters than those in their alphabet for now.

A Disney Education

Don’t say Gay bill proves Democrats can’t read either. The word gay doesn’t appear in the bill and is not a focus of the bill. Disney is promoting their inability to read as well. Disney believes men and women; boys and girls doesn’t include everyone. So who or what is left out? Disney doesn’t really care if children can read as their preferred form of education is watch Disney plus. When the next lockdown comes that will be happy to provide all education to the children. The next generation will know all there is to know about Disney Princex and Prins. Still we will not have qualified Geographers, Biologists and it seems Supreme Court Justices.

Kamala must have gotten an A in Word Salad 101 in a recent course in law school. She demonstrates the superior educational opportunities in California. Are we able to educate our children in word salad so they too can be Vice President. After all Kamala is a role model.

Thus far we have not found a clear answer on how to fix education in DogFacePonia but our first logical step might be to ban Disney. Otherwise, all our children will know is the list below and we prefer reading. arithmetic, geography and speech.

Prince/Princess helpful guide

  • Prin; queer, based on the Prince/ss ending.
  • Prinxe; queer, based on the Prince/ss ending.
  • Princet; queer, based on the Prince/ss ending.
  • Princette; queer, based on the Prince/ss ending.
  • Princev; queer, based on the Prince/ss ending.
  • Princen; queer, based on the Prince/ss ending.
  • Princus; queer, based on the Prince/ss ending.
  • Your Highness; neutral, a way of addressing royalty.
  • Heir; neutral, refers to future monarchy.
  • Princex; queer, based on the Prince/ss ending, POC-coined and POC exclusive.

Image From: “You May Not Elect to Fail” (CC BY 2.0) by Enokson

One thought on “Plan to Fix Education

  1. Rickey Kirk says:

    For too long we have allowed enemies of the Constitution to use the constitution to destroy the nation.
    This was never the intent of the founders.
    There was free speech but not to the point of conspiring to overthrow the government and liberty.
    Free speech did not mean unrestrained filth being produced, distributed and publicly spoken.
    Freedom of assembly did not mean you could freely gather to conspire together to overthrow the system or commit crime of any kind.
    Benjamin Franklin said we were given a Republic if we could keep it and the only why it could be kept was if the people remained moral and restrain their own evil impulses.

    Daniel Webster
    Early American Jurist and Senator
    “If we and our posterity reject religious instruction and authority, violate the rules of eternal justice, trifle with the injunctions of morality, and recklessly destroy the political constitution which holds us
    together, no man can tell how sudden a catastrophe may overwhelm us that shall bury all our glory in profound obscurity.”
    (Source: Daniel Webster, The Writings and
    Speeches of Daniel Webster (Boston: Little, Brown, & Company, 1903), Vol.
XIII, p. 492. From “The Dignity and Importance of History,” February 23, 1852.)

    It’s easy to join in with the anger, hate and filth that’s out there. What’s hard is maintaining ones on integrity. It can only be done with the Lord’s help and our founders knew this.

    When our founders created the Constitution they never envisioned a time when evil would pervert it so badly. It’s beyond time to put common sense and decency back into the Constitution. Regardless of what evil has convinced people of. You can’t compromise with evil

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