Police Separate Rand Paul from Supporters

Washington DC – Rand Paul was surrounded by supporters last night shouting “Say Her Name!!” referring to Breonna Taylor. They clearly saw him as their hero. He Authored the Justice for Breonna Taylor Act. This law would have stopped “no knock” warrants that led to her death. This law was blocked by Democrats who believe it was much better to incite riots than actually do something about it.

Nancy Pelosi said “We blocked this law because it wasn’t full of $2 Trillion in Democrats’ Pet Projects that have nothing to do with Breonna Tayler.” She continued “We refuse to pass anything that does not include everything we want. This includes stimulus that would help the American people in these tough times”.

These supporters were so excited to see Rand, they were chanting and jumping up and down. They had come to the Republican National Convention to see him. (not to harass old people or threaten lawmakers). He was their hero. The Police broke it up. They must have been confused by the crazy riots and looting breaking out in the country and thought this for part of that.

BLM is of course a nonviolent group that has only burned down 7 or 8 cities in that last few months and were of no threat to lawmakers. Rand was unhurt by their exuberance.

Image From: “rand paul speaks” (CC BY 2.0) by jbouie