Spencer – Brainwashed By the Media

Richard Spencer has come out in support of Joe Biden, he said in a Statement.

I must admit I only ever voted for Donald Trump in 2016 because the media gave me such solid assurances that he was the best in line with my fundamental principles. I now realize that the Democratic party is the true party of hate. I never thought that they could have such resounding support for killing each other to thin the herd of undesirables. I see certain defeat or death of my core principles and it is not heroic. It is foolhardy. I have no sympathy for martyrs. I admire those who help the cause win the war. I also believe that the killing of General Soleimani brought us to the brink of war. We cannot start wars with other nations until we have peacefully protested our own lands to a purer state.

In closing, I wish to say I apologize for allowing the media to brainwash me and Thank DogFacePonia Medical for curing the brainwashing that had taken hold. I lost my core beliefs and values, which can be delivered by Joe Biden and the Democratic party. In the future, I will be very white under Biden and we owe him our support as he is a natural leader.

Image From: “Snow BrainWashers” (CC BY 2.0) by BrainWashers