The Democrats 2024 Plan to Reelect Biden

Mike Pence Opened Mouth

Democrats are preparing for 2024. This time they are considering a new approach. So lets try to lay this all out. Biden says he is running again. Now he might be impeached and removed before then but the Democrats are just gonna pretend. Typically, incumbent Presidents that run do not get any serious primary challenges. They get to save their energy and money for the General Election. Biden here might be an exception, after all his own Vice President was concerned, he had supported racist policies, and she believed his accusers. Again, let’s pretend he doesn’t get Primaried out. I suppose we all have to pretend he doesn’t die of old age or poor health as well. All this pretending makes sense because Biden is a pretend president.

Now with all these assumptions in place, how could he possibly beat Trump? The DNC knows he lost last time and now he has wrecked nearly everything in the country. Not only would he not win but Democrats are not sure they could buy enough Mules to get the job done. It would probably take 2,000,000 mules this time and having more votes than living people in America might be suspected. Though MSNBC might be able to explain it somehow.

So, they plan to beat Trump is moved back to the Primaries. There is a problem there too if Trump were to lose to almost any Republican. That Republican would likely again demolish Biden the General Election. So, who would Americans believe Biden could actually beat? Mike Pence.

The Mike Pence Plan

So, the plan will be to work to get Mike Pence to win the primary. Democrats and The Lincoln Project will be working on the plan together. It will be similar to the 2020 election because Pence rallies will have similar turn out as Joe Biden. Democrats will encourage their voters to vote for Pence in the Primaries. Primaries tend to have lower turn out. Then most Democratic states can be easily put in the Pence camp because every result is in effect fraud. They can use the same Mules as they did for 2020 in the Primaries because less people will be watching right? They will get CNN and MSNBC running day and night with pictures of Mike Pence heroics from the January 6th Insurrection. They will claim the reason Pence wins is America believes he is a hero. Meanwhile the Lincoln Project will send their Nazis to Trump Rallies.

Then as soon as the primaries are over, they will begin trashing Pence’s character and attacking him as Anti-LBTQX+ and call him racist etc. Of course, even if this plan got this far, Pence still would probably beat Biden because despite his pathetic actions, he is better than Biden. So, they would have to employ a normal amount of mules to ensure Biden’s victory.

This sounds like a pretty dark fairy tale to all of us at DogFacePonia.

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Image From: “Mike Pence” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore