Who are the Democrats Putting in the Closet Now?

Skeleton in the Closet

Gay people spent a lot of time in the closet. Once they came out of the closet there was room in the closet for new groups. The current closet has a large number of white conservatives. This group is like gay people – don’t ask don’t tell.

Kamala Harris became Vice President since a Black and Asian woman was determined to be the choice. And the newest Supreme Court nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson is also a Black person (sex unknown, to her anyway).

When White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s was promoted her longtime partner, CNN national correspondent Suzanne Malveaux, was also be on the receiving end of a small, work-related change unlike Chris Cuomo. Both are out of the closet. Maybe Chris is in a closet now with his Brother. (We all hope a tree falls on the closet or at least they stay there.)

Rachel Levine who has a new job as Assistant Secretary for Health is also out of a closet. His/It’s claims about gender affirming surgery and drugs have driven doctors into the closet. They share space with those doctors already there due to their covid views. It’s getting crowded.

The Biden administration is having problems finding and recruiting LGBTQ and Black and Asian women for the administration. This explains the push to educate children in sex at an early age. It also explains the push by Rachel Levine and others to promote transitions for children.

Image From: “Skeleton in the Closet” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Szilveszter Farkas