The Dylan Mulvaney Campaign Goes South

Dylan Mulvaney with Llama

Unless you have been lost at sea, you probably know that Bud Light has had some struggles. Ever since the Dylan Mulvaney Campaign went the wrong way, sales have plummeted. Bud Light was the number-one-selling beer in America for decades. Now it is not in the top 10 most liked and the percentages are close to Biden’s Approval Rating.

The New Top Beer in America is Modelo Especial Lager. Modelo is originally a Mexican Beer (Which is still technically American). Interestingly, it is owned by an American Company Constellation Brands which also makes Corona and Influenza Beers. Constellation Brands is based in New York. Budweiser InBev on the other hand is based in Belgium. Budweiser seems to be a has-been as it used to be American and used to be the top beer, but now it is neither.

Can Budweiser still call itself the King of Beers? Maybe the Emperor? Dylan Mulvaney went to South America after saying they did not feel safe after backlash. Rumor is Dylan has been selected to be in the new Disney live-action version of The Emperor’s New Groove. It looks a lot like a demon lama so why not? There was even a scene in the original where Emperor Kuzco dressed as a woman, and he was almost as ugly as Dylan. The part is fitting since Dylan’s whole life is an act, and Disney wants to ruin more movies. What could go wrong!?

We here in DogFacePonia are mostly wondering what Budweiser is going to do with all the beer nobody wants. They tried to offer rebates but still no takers. It’s not like they can dump it we are pretty sure it is classified as Toxic Waste. Maybe they can send it to South America.

Image From: Instagram