The French Mud-lution

French Protest

Recently if one remembers, there was a brief moment where Ratatouille almost became a household name in the Americas. Then there were the yellow-vest protests in France, and now mud and garbage slingin’.

To the credit of the French, this is how they show they care to those politicians who obviously care so very much for them.

It really is a fun charade, you add a little water or spit, mix in some dirt and one may find the spectacle close to a Burning Man festival. A regular mud ball fight with a Christmas cheer! Who doesn’t love a good mud ball fight, must be choice as mud-wrestling exists.

Now the garbage, we here at DogFacePonia applaud the French on their great efforts to enjoy Mother nature and Recycle on top of it! If only Americans, Canadians, Australians and our British Brothers and Sisters would get in on the game!

Seems like fun to us here at DogFacePonia. Get to play with mud, get really dirty enough to annoy our mothers and recycle garbage for the betterment of our Political environment! Count us in!

We might start in New York as they leave their garbage right out in the street and Central park is full of mud. Let’s get the Party Started!

Image From:”Yellow Vests – Act 8” (CC BY 2.0) by Christophe #1