Trudeau and Putin Come to an Agreement on Definition of Peace

Putin and Trudeau having close discussion.

Vladimir Putin and Justin Trudeau came to a historic peace agreement. The Agreement was quite literally the definition of Peace and Peaceful.

Putin and western leaders have been at odds over Ukraine in recent times. When Putin and The Russian Government declared separatist regions of Ukraine Independent he sent in “Peacekeeping” forces to ensure that everyone was safe. Likewise in Canada Justin Trudeau sent “Peacekeeping” forces to Ottawa to ensure that it was entirely safe (for his supporters).

As we have all learned in recent years definitions are important. Reinventing words and giving them new meaning is all the rage in woke-land these days.

Trudeau himself declared a Jewish person a Nazi and called a group of truckers that was made up of all minorities racist. Interesting, Trudeau likes to parade himself around dressed in Indian head dresses or in blackface both technically seen as racist. Trudeau has simply redefined racism to mean anyone who disagrees with him. As such Trudeau and Putin reimaged peace.

The Agreement

The Putin Trudeau Agreement explains force is peaceful when it only hurts those who disagree with you. With this new definition in place they plan to be jointly nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. BLM has a similar definition as it is ok to burn, pillage and steal from rich white people.

Putin and Trudeau are different as Putin is liked by the Russian People and Trudeau is liked by nobody. Putin trys to show strength. Trudeau hides and tramples crippled people with horses. But both now call themselves peaceful dictators.

Peace has now officially been reimagined for us. Truckers without weapons setting up bounce houses and blowing horns is not a peaceful protest. Police trampling people that is peace. Burning down cities is Mostly Peaceful. Tanks occupying eastern Ukraine is Totally peaceful as well.

We here in DogFacePonia find that it is becoming just as hard to understand peace as a person’s gender. Historical definitions based on science and logical thought are clearly no longer relevant. Besides what good is it to be a dictator if you can’t repaint the world in your own image.

Image From:, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons