The Re-Conjunction of Dumbocrats

Democrats have been crying for us to RE-Imagine, back to the summer of love as they called it. With the burning of small businesses Democratic never saw this as a problem all the businesses need to do is follow RE-Form, RE-Furnish and RE-Build.

Many in the mainstream media failed to RE-port the problems of the summer choosing only to RE-Invent or RE-purpose the news to meet their own ends.

A few other words that seem follows in the same RE-pulsive Behavior.

RE-iterate – the mainstream media has had this one down for four years they have been RE-iterating the same old BS. Donald Trump is bad.

RE-strict – Democratic governors love this word, but they never use the word itself but as they say actions speak louder than words.

RE- polarize – the Democrats have done a fantastic job of using the word since even the Obama days. Hard to believe the first Black President could be RE-wind mistakes of the past.

RE-education – Really sad that Democrats use this word scary to think they may try to use it on society in the future.

We here in DogFacePonia have come across some words we would like Democrat’s to think about.

RE-sponsiblity – I think this one should speak for itself, but it seems Democrat’s RE-fuse to take as RE-sponsiblity for their own actions.

RE-spect– Democrats should think about how they treated our president over the last 4 years. But who knows maybe they will just RE-Move this word from the dictionary as they RE-Impeach (not a real word) but it is the thought that counts.

RE-ligious – one of the building blocks of our nation and they way Democrats treat it currently is downright RE-pulsive.

RE-cover – Democrats do not want this at all as they might lose control but one thing that is certain is somehow, they will RE-direct it as Trump’s fault.

RE-search – This one here goes with RE-porting but on the positive side we here in DogFacePonia get to feel much more RE- spected as a news source when we watch the nonsense that CNN calls News.

RE-member – This one seems to be important as our past is doomed to be RE-peated without it.

Here in DogFacePonia the only thing we want to do is RE-GURGITATE and not the way MSM and Democrat’s RE-GURGITATE the same BS.