Does Anyone Still Support Trudeau?

Biden and Trudeau shaking hands while wearing masks

When the Freedom Convoy came to Ottawa to protest insane mandates that were intended to protect people from Covid, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promptly got Covid and left town. Obviously, this was the proof he needed that the mandates were clearly working. He also proved to himself what a great leader he truly is. Trudeau then spent the next few weeks insulting anyone who disagreed with his politics calling them National Socialist, Racist and anything else he could come up with. Some in the Canadian media have said only a grossly underestimated 40% of the population support the Truckers. Trudeau did not find that an adequate support level to even have a discussion. Strangely, these tactics have not gained him a lot of support.

A poll was taken before he enacted emergency powers to literally trample the people. In that poll, only 16% said they would vote for him based on his actions. This number has certainly dropped but what we at DogFacePonia really wanted to discover is who still supports Trudeau. This is what we found.

Who is Still Supporting Trudeau?

  • The Anti Grandma League
  • Society for the Deflation of Bounce houses
  • Canadian Cubans for Castro
  • The Pro-Mask League
  • Vélo Intégrité du Québec (Biqu)
  • Pfizer share holders
  • Hilary Clinton
  • The Canadian National Socialist Party
  • The Lincoln Project of Canada
  • White Members of BLM
  • The Anti-dog lobby of Ontario
  • The Canadian Main Stream Media

As we can all see this is quite the Coalition and should garner Trudeau about 3% in any future election. That is unless Dominion is counting the votes. As Biden, I mean Stalin, would say “It doesn’t matter how many people vote, only who counts them.”

Image From: “2021.11.18.” (Public Domain) by hailey.sani