New Protest Group: White Antifa Lives Matter

Donald Trump by Destroyed building in Kenosha.

We are told Black Lives Matter is always getting ready to riot. The typical story is black man commits a violent crime. The Police shoot him. Someone video tapes it. A race issue is made out of it on the national news. Let’s get Ready to Rumble, Let the Riots begin. Many believe this narrative. However, we at DogFacePonia think it is more complex than all that.

White Antifa members don’t really fit in with BLM. The All Lives Matter movement isn’t really violent enough to get media attention. All Lives Matter also doesn’t really have a race in there. It just doesn’t get anyone in the media excited. Who are you fighting if All Lives Matter? Joe Biden said Antifa is just an idea, but if an idea gets a group doesn’t it then become real? White Lives Matter didn’t work because most of the Antifa hates white people, that is unless they are part of Antifa.


As a result a new movement has been created called White Antifa Lives Matter or WALM (Pronouced: Wail’em) . But what is it about? BLM typically claimed they stood up against Police Brutality. DogFacePonia may disagree with their tactics and believe the group is crazy, but at least they have a rallying cry and were 93% Peaceful.

Kyle Rittenhouse, however, is not the Police. Kyle Rittenhouse did not shoot any black people. Kyle Rittenhouse shot White Antifa, George Soros funded criminals. WALM will now take up the cause. They have rights and demands! They want to riot because their feelings are hurt. They want to be able to destroy property without consequences. They certainly don’t want the police or business owners protecting their property. That would be Racist. They want to live in Mommy’s suburban basement until they are at least 40. They want to drink fancy IPA Beer that they buy with stimulus money and not go to work. They want their college degree in Diversity to be free even though they quit 2 years in. This may sound like Rich White Privilege. Rest assured that is what they will say they are rallying against.

We here at DogFacePonia hope this group learned some lessons from the Kyle Rittenhouse Case. They probably didn’t. They will continue their protests in Portland until they get their demands, whatever that means. That is unless it is too cold outside then they will stay home and play video games.

Image From: “President Trump Travels to WI” (Public Domain) by The Trump White House Archived