Trump will try to avoid gettting clocked by Biden

With the world changing all the time a new format for the debates has come to light. It seems Trump should be very afraid. “Joe’s going to clean his clock,” predicted Yang. “Nothing will hold him back from doing that.”

The Trump camp has been trying to alter things, but it appears the clock cleaning debate is going to happen. Joe has been in his basement practicing hard for this chance to show the American people what he is all about. Biden said, “I am going to Beat Trump without a doubt.”

The Biden Camp hired on additional staff to help show him the ropes of clock cleaning. Rumor has it these advisors are all male because Biden has a touchy issue that seems to creep up when people least expect it.

Joe Biden has been practicing this clock cleaning so much that for one period we did not even see him for days.

Trump has appeared very shaken whenever asked about clock cleaning. We have been expecting a nonsensical rant on twitter but he has been keeping himself under control, shocking people.

Still this clock cleaning that is expected seems like it will put Trump at a very big disadvantage since he has never had to clean anything in his entire life. Biden is expected to clean Trump’s clock during his opening.