Vote Kamala, Hillary or Typhoid Mary?

We see the future here at Dogfaceponia and we want you to have options! We think that the Democrats will push for a female president in coming elections. Although We think a woman for president is a great idea, we do not always agree with the choices from the Democratic Party. We have some candidates the Democrats plan to run in the near future. Tell us who you like best.

Kamala Harris – She is Joe’s Running Mate and is hoping to gain some experience. She knows about toilet paper and convicting innocent black people. She is exceptionally good at hiding evidence even if it saves lives. After all, a dead voter is a democrat.

Hillary Clinton AKA Killery – The Clinton death toll is huge she has killed and added to the democratic party voters for years now. Clinton disease has killed countless people. Also she personally let people die in Benghazi just so she could get their vote.

Mary Mallon AKA Typhoid Mary – We don’t know if she was a democratic but she is now because she is dead. She added a huge number of voters to the democratic party by spreading Typhoid and causing the death of numerous people. she refused to wash her hands likely leading to deaths of others. She would be great in these times.

An unofficial poll on Twitter showed Mary had the edge. Let’s see where this goes.

Image From : “A5059 Typhoid fever lotion” (Public Domain) by UON Library,University of Newcastle, Australia