Welcome to the Motel Antifa

Welcome to Travelodge Antifa!! Tacoma Housing Now (THN) are holding a Travelodge motel hostage event in Fife while peaceful protesters are assembling an army to defend the takeover. Right now, the “army” of peaceful protesters showing their support suddenly has disappeared. Something about a Red House Autonomous Zone (RHAZ)

It’s an escalating situation as housing is being provided for the homeless. There are 40 rooms in the new homeless shelter wing. THN has said the city and state are providing the payments for housing support. COVID is now spreading within the motel as one of the organizers and one homeless occupier apparently tested positive for the virus. Guests refuse to leave until everyone here receives Covid testing and their results, otherwise, there is a risk of community spread and nobody wants that. This was a move by the occupation to help prevent eviction. There is a clinic wing set up for those who need it. New guests come for the vaccine trials. Peaceful protesters are on the priority list for vaccines. People with the new Covid variant are being paid to move in and help determine the vaccine’s efficacy against it.

The Help The Homeless organization brought with it mental health workers, lawyers, service workers, medics, community organizers, and people who believe housing is a human right to defend our movement….the capitalists brought Nazis. Which side are you on? I’m pretty sure you are paying for both.

Police have arrived and are “breaking doors open” to remove the occupiers from the motel whose bills are overdue.  Cops are onsite and have PPE and zip ties. We believe relocations to medical facilities are about to happen. Cops are breaking doors open.

It’s been mostly peaceful as officers clear out the occupied motel. You can check out any time you like
But you can never leave!”

Who knew The Eagles were singing about Antifa.

Image From : “Travelodge Inn Fire Latham (NY) October” (CC BY 2.0) by Ron Cogswell