The Truth of Antifa’s RHAZ Is a Joke

Protesters have set up a Red House Autonomous Zone (RHAZ). Mark Twain said It is not difficult to be funny. One need only tell the truth. The zone was set up to keep a black and indigenous family from being evicted. The family behind the RHAZ in North Portland owns a second home just two miles away which is where they currently live. So it seems only refugees from CHOP/CHAZ/CRAP live at the Red House.

Even more disturbing is that Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s office is negotiating to find a solution. This makes sense to DogFacePonia since the mayor is neither the court or the occupant but he does need a permanent residence after his birthday party forced him to move.  The goal is to come to a compromise, which would appease the criminal activists (forget the owner). Strangely, activists are protesting to keep the Kinney’s in the house that they are not living in. It’s the latest twist in a really absurd story.

Antifa agitators and other criminal agitators are holding a neighborhood hostage. Some were arrested but immediately released by the DA. The Main Stream Media can’t let the story out and they have become good at censorship. When dealing with fringe activists, they seldom let facts get in the way of their narrative.

Court documents reveal the Kinney family argued they believe themselves to be sovereign citizens who are not subject to the laws of Oregon or the United States. I suppose it makes sense, then, that an autonomous zone is set up to protect them from the years-long battle from the home they have no legal right to. It also makes sense that signing legal documents is definitive.

The developer who bought the foreclosed property said he would consider selling the home back to the Kinney family for his cost, but the deal is far from done. The amount he paid was approximately $100,000. There are those who believe the Kinney’s should not have to pay anything from the $300,000 from their GoFundMe page. “I think this is a really good learning opportunity for what we’re going to have to keep doing to keep people from being evicted,” Wheeler said. Obscure the relevant.

“The way you resolve conflict is not to occupy an area, particularly with the use of firearms, and then demand that you get everything you want,” Wheeler said. “That is not a negotiation. That is extortion.”

The mayor said he’s grateful the Red House situation appears to be de-escalating and coming to a resolution. However, he is not in favor of property occupations becoming a regular occurrence. We believe they most certainly will as Wheeler does nothing to discourage them. Maybe all of Antifa can move in and we can have CHAZ\CHOP\CRAP 2.0 in Portland. The Clowns are coming to town they want to paint the town red with Communism. Some worried citizens have contacted Hells Angels to come in to help clean out the neighborhood. The Government seems inept.

Wheeler has said Firearms such as nerfguns and paintball guns like those used will be banned in Portland. Santa is already on board. Children in town are instead asking for biker action figures and Legos to build their own Red Houses.

Image From: “Red House – Chimney” (CC BY 2.0) by Bill Ward’s Brickpile