World Poised for Olympic Defections from the USA

City Fire

The winds of political unrest have caused devastation through the United States of America. Entire cities burning, election fraud, even a military takeover of the Capital, all have many people wondering. How many athletes from The USA Olympic team will defect and seek asylum? The tyrannical indoctrination of the extremists groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifia has forced a once peaceful nation into chaos.

The first few days of the Olympic Games have painted a grim picture of the United States of America. The powerhouse teams like women’s soccer and men’s basketball losing games after being favorites. The only explanation for these loses seems to be the political discord they escaped in their homeland.

The Biden Regime seems poised to grasp more money and power. This unpredictable leader and his cohorts have been under constant attack at the southern border. The reign of terror of the Biden Regime may only be in the beginning stages, but the erratic behaviors of this leader clearly mark him as very dangerous. This Regime has been extremely successful at silencing it adversaries through its media branch of the government.

Even though none of the athletes have defected yet, it is just a matter of time. Shockingly many of the athletes have shown open disrespect for their country by refusing to stand during the national anthem. Here at DogFacePonia we would not be surprised if many of these athletes defect from the USA. The horrific, oppressive lawlessness that exists is appalling.

We here at DogFacePonia pray for all the people of the broken United States of America and hope that the country will escape peaceful protests and other genocides happening through the land.

Image From: “05/28/20 South Minneapolis” (CC BY 2.0) by