Baby Formula Czar

Woman with "Not My Czar" sign

The country is very upset about the baby formula shortage. A new position is being created to help alleviate the problem, Baby Formula Czar. The Czar will be given generous funding for Expenses and Salary from the Baby Formula bill recently passed by congress. Several people are under consideration. They have different strengths. Let us look at them to help President Biden in his selection.

Who will Biden Choose?

  • Beto shoots his mouth off at press conferences of Texas Governor thus drowning out the other side. Beto was for confiscating AR-15s before he was against it.  He never got to be the gun czar so Biden owes him. There is no report as to whether he was for baby formula before he was against it. Now he is applying for the newly created position of Baby Formula Czar.
  • Hunter Biden is expected to import Mexican baby formula from Tijuana. Hunter has cartel connections necessary to partner with them but Pete Buttigieg and Beto do not. The cartels have been able to fool the border patrol because the border patrol doesn’t have baby formula sniffing dogs yet. It’s like coffee grounds which can be used to disguise their drugs. That’s a win win for Hunter. Drugs and baby formula both necessary for Hunter.
  • Pete Buttigieg is invested (literally and figuratively) in baby formula since he has twins and stock. He also has the transportation department behind him and supply chain experience.
  • John Kerry was eliminated as he is already doing a great job ruining the economy as climate czar.
  • An unnamed Trans African-American Unicorn was being considered but the Regime decided Czars are the only thing that is supposed to be white. They are Russian after all.

When illegal aliens come across the border they are given baby formula which the coyotes sell on the black market. The cartels have been cornering the market so the only place to buy formula is from them. Border Patrol reports getaways and some captured carrying 60 pound packs of baby formula.

Image From: “Not my Czar” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by FlâneurFloyd