Biden Ukrainian Balloon Brigade Attack

popped balloons all over a room

With the tanks now delivered to Ukraine, The Biden is looking for new ways to “help” Ukraine in its war with Russia. When the Biden Administration shot down China’s spy balloon they collected as much information as possible for their newest plan. Code Named – Biden Ukrainian Balloon Brigade Attack (BUBBA).

Iran, using stolen US Drone technology, created attack drones and sold them to Russia. The US will fight back with Chinese technology and create Balloons.

Biden knows inflation so balloons make sense! There will be a Manhattan Project like research to develop these advanced Napoleonic Era Weapons. This all makes sense because Zelensky have some Napoleonic Qualities. Almost no one has used balloons or blimps in battle since World War Two. But now is the time to party like it’s 1899.

Biden’s ATTACK BALLOONS will be used to protect America and Ukraine from balloon invasions and to attack Russia. We have been assured a weeklong incursion into America will no longer occur when we defend the airspace with balloons. With an engine strong enough to maneuver in jet stream winds, like Chinese spy balloon apparently did.

Developing New Technology

Goodyear will be providing all it’s blimp technology to help advance the project. It has been reported Hunter Biden will take a break from his art to assist the project. Hunter Biden knows a lot about Ukrainian gas. Few people know more about getting high than he does. He certainly will be paid for his service regardless of the BUBBAs success. It is reported that Forest Gump will not be involved.

There are a few proposed models one being the Hindenburg and the other the stealth balloon. The Hindenburg will be developed in conjunction with German company Luftschiffsbau-Zeppelin. Some are calling it the Leopard Zepplin, as they are the tanks of the sky. No, it is not a combination of Def Leppard and Led Zepplin, that would be cooler. Though, going up in one of these balloons, would be one way to buy a stairway to heaven.

The US will develop the stealth balloons with Chinese technologies that managed to avoid detection for days. Also, according to some pentagon source completely avoided detection during the Trump Administration. That plan is by combining this with other US stealth technology that Russia will not see these balloons as they float at them.

We here at DogFacePonia so some good with the bad. The bad news is that this will be another huge waste of taxpayer money. The good news is we will be able to experience deflation when balloons inevitably get shot down. Biden will try to take credit for the Deflation even though it will be Russia’s fault.

Image From: “Battle field strewn with corpses 2” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by Dr. Propaganda