Biden’s Artistic Solution for Separated Aliens

Alien Art Mural

The Wall Street Journal reported this week that the Biden Administration is in talks with ACLU and private attorneys. They are making plans to offer around $450,000 a person to illegal immigrant families who were separated at the southern border. This was pursuant to U.S. law and was to compensate them for the “lasting psychological trauma”. They contend they suffered this trauma in connection with the illegal crossing.

Hunter Biden has been told he should cancel his art sale because he knows the prices are based on his dad’s job. Republicans claim the White House’s attempt at keeping buyers anonymous is not effective. Most Americans are completely against the 450,000 payouts.

A Win-Win A Solution

A solution was found that takes care of both problems. Hunter Biden artwork will be given to each immigrant separated from a parent or child at the border instead of $450,000. President Biden said this report of payments is garbage. He always planned to give the art (which is actual garbage) to the immigrants. Besides, Joe said the paintings are worth more. Strangely the aliens prefer the money.  They clearly have no appreciation of the finer things of American culture.

President Joe Biden gave Kamala a Hunter Biden original for her birthday. In a video of the surprise gift presentation, she is heard to say that the framed picture is her favorite.

The President gave the Pope an oil painting by his son, Beau. The Pope was seen to make a cross with his index fingers. Joe apparently had an accident after offering to have Hunter repaint the Sistine Chapel for the Pope. Biden later suggested that the Pope said he was a Good Catholic. The Pope really suggested Biden get a good catheter.

Hunter believes his paintings are in high demand but really Joe is buying the ones the Chinese don’t want at low prices. In the event that not enough aliens accept the paintings in lieu of $450,000 Joe is planning his Christmas list. Otherwise, Joe will charge the government $500k painting an alien settles for. Win-win!

Image From “Arte” (CC BY 2.0) by Daquella manera