Big Fauci, Little Fauci and Schiffy

Big Pharma Fauci Masked Protester

He sighs, apparently exasperated with my ignorance. “Look, Big Fauci, he moves the drugs. He moves them with the mules. The mules, they are carrying the drugs. Inside, you know? They swallow the balloons.”

My informant went on to explain that a special machine is used to put drugs into a condom. That condom is put into another condom and another. This is what the mule swallows. According to him, the mule is first given a drink laced with drugs to numb their throats. This is usually very oily and helps with the swallowing. Some are able to swallow over a hundred of these balloons. During the trip, Big Fauci gives them medicine to keep them from pooping. Once they are where they need to be, he or someone else gives them something to make them poop out the drugs.

Suppose a balloon bursts?

“The desert is littered with dead bodies. He just cuts the body open and takes out what’s left, the remaining packets.” I must have looked horrified because he quickly added “He waits till they are dead.”

Big Fauci sticks with his mules until the border where he directs them towards the waiting U. S. Border Patrol. He wants nothing to do with the Border Patrol, even if they have been ordered to cooperate. He calls his contact to provide updated information. Someone contacts the mules and retrieves the balloons.

Eventually these drugs will reach Little Fauci, who sells individual doses on the street.

What happens to the mule at this point? He shrugs. Not really his problem, but most still owe money. “Depends on skills and willingness. Unmarried men, usually land in a group that live and work together. Sometimes they take advantage of options.” What options? “Work with a Schiffy to get forged documents. They can make ids. You know, passports, visas, drivers’ license, voter cards, even birth certificates and completely new identities. Sometimes they want to hook up with a citizen and get married so that takes certain paperwork. A good Schiffy can handle that. A great one will even match you up with a bride” he laughed and winked.

Going back to the desert…what happens to the drugs that are cut out of the body?

The man almost turned green. “You don’t want to know about that” he said as he stood up to leave. Apparently I killed that conversation.

I finished my coffee and thought about Big Fauci, Little Fauci, Schiffy and wondered just how many bodies littered the desert.

Image From: “08 Vaccines” (CC BY 2.0) by Felton Davis