BLM/Antifa Riot Season begins with a Victory

Lego Police looking over a burning city.

The verdict is in. Guilty by Maxine Waters. Rioters are excited to start Riot Season with a win in Minneapolis. They plan to take a look back and celebrate all the wins of last season before starting riots in various other cities. Rioters who were interviewed were quoted as saying they were going to peacefully protest (riot) no matter the outcome. Maxine has made it possible for any guilty verdict to be appealed but rioters can then peacefully protest (riot) against Maxine for opening her mouth.

“We are very exited to see that threats to riot can change the outcome to the one we wanted.” said one rioter wearing an F**k the police shirt and drinking a Coke.

“We plan to got riots all over the country to get the outcomes we want regardless of the evidence” said another who was carrying a flamethrower recently purchased at Kohl’s.

Antifa and BLM are planning Riots in various parts of the country to coincide with things they don’t like. They plan to riot in Maricopa County for the election fraud case in hopes to cover the evidence. They plan to Riot during the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse and others. They also plan to Riot during the MLB Allstar game in Atlanta and Denver. Rioters plan to have many Riots in Portland so they can have home field advantage.

Meanwhile the police are all getting ready to quit their jobs because they can no longer do them. Resisting arrest is now going to be the norm(regardless of your crime) as if you get shot and die the police will go to prison. Then A GoFundMe page can be setup to get millions for your family, It’s better than a Life Insurance Policy.

We here at DogFacePonia are hoping the Rioters get some loses soon.

Image From: “News Flash…..” (CC BY 2.0) by Nanagyei