Bull News Market Over?

Beware of Bull Sign

A recent news story suggested that the Bull Market in News may be over. They were not talking about the stock market but the news cycle itself. With Trump no longer in office, no more elections to influence, a Covid Crisis winding down. What is left to cover? How much more Bull can people take?

Cattle and their gas apparently cause global warming so it is out with the Bull. We had better hope Bulls don’t start dropping AOC’s cause. We here in DogFacePonia have had quite enough with just one dropping.

CNN has pretty much always been Bull. Apparently, CNN ratings are dropping faster than gas prices are rising (over 70%?|). Certainly CNN is not the Angus of the News, but this must have the brainwashers scared. How will they convince people the fraud they are planning for the midterm elections is real? Circle Back?

The news really has nothing to talk about anymore. I mean unless they want to expose themselves as total frauds. There is nothing to see in Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan which may all be going straight to an audit.

Only a year ago, many Republicans may have pointed a finger at Wuhan; thankfully, a year ago, the media told us that was fake news. Now Wuhan is back and better than ever. It is quite possible the Avengers screwed up our timeline? What could this expose? The great Biden was the greatest fraud of our times. Why cover any of that? There sure is no news (or intelligence) that will come out on CNN but bet they are ready to talk about phase 42 in Disney’s timeline.

As such, CNN will be forced to stop half its news which was devoted to making up Bull on Trump and Corona\COVID\China Virus. The other half of their news which is devoted to praising LGBTQX (ABC)+ and BLM/Antifa will have to cover for the time being. Maybe we will get a new letter, maybe the rest of the alphabet? Some people would call this Bull as well but it identifies as Cow.

We here in DogFacePonia are sure the Bull “Squad” would have the remedial answers for us. If not, we can always turn to Lori Lightfoot if we are the right color Bull. We do promise not to cover Bull. We make no such promises when it comes to ponies. Meanwhile, Disney has yet to release a Dog Face Pony superhero, jeez how racist can our society get.

Image From: “Bull” (CC BY 2.0) by Noel Reynolds