Burying Trees To Save the World

Trees Buried in Sand

Kodama Systems is a stealth forest management company, whose biggest sponsor, Bill Gates is doing the unimaginable. They are cutting down and or picking up and hauling away, dead or dying trees and burying them underground. This, in an effort to reduce carbon output from the decaying biomass. All the while using fuel intensive machines, from chainsaws to transportation devices such as gas and diesel fueled vehicles. backhoe’s, dump trucks and bulldozers. These are expending twice to possibly 3 times the amount of carbon that they say they are trying to prevent. This at least according to current carbon ESG models.

One Forestry scientist exclaimed, “Let Trees be Trees, they will offset the carbon of the decomposing biomass and convert it to Oxygen.”.

Another Expert, claimed that in addition to burying biomass. [That] “Carbon collection stations around the World could potentially create a catastrophic carbon failure and create an endemic of Oxygen loss never before seen in Modern history. Trees and plant life will die off, as carbon is part of their life cycle, which will greatly diminish oxygen output.”

DFP Theories Dept. believes that, this could ultimately be a possible planned culling of World Populations as other “plandemics” have not quite lived up to expectations.

Image From “Buried Alive” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Tom Gill.