Global Farts Are Exciting the World

Ghost Fart mural

As Global Farts are exciting the World into notions of taxing bodily expulsions. We wanted to look into what that excitement is really all about. And how it might be affecting Global Temperatures.

Temperature is the motion of Particles. You got some particles moving very fast and things will start to heat up. You have some particles moving very slow, and there you have much less heat. Or, as we might term it, coldness.

There may be various internal processes (of the Earth, or Human generated, i.e. Farts), that affect Temperature but not to the degree that external forces appear to.

When the Solar system that the Globe we call Earth (sorry Flat Earthers), entered an “Excited” area of space planets throughout our Solar System started to have a noticeable change in their global temperatures.

This temperature as measured by the unholy gods of Science, for all intents and purposes was heating up. It even appeared to have had a passing effect on the Star we call the Sun. But weirdly, at the same time, at least in our Earthly Realm we were going through a Global cooling.

Overall the Planet is heating up, but in many places upon the Planet the temperature was cooling. Regardless of cows or Humans or Human Hybrid Cows.

One example would be, an effect one could see in the North Pole where despite best efforts with media campaigns. Nature didn’t care and no, the North pole Artic ice was not disappearing and no, no Polar bears were at risk.

Many of those photos and videos came from the Artic Summer Months, which do cause ice melt and ice breakage. But overall during the winter these past many decades or so years of data, the ice is actually increasing.

On another note, the Sun itself also plays a significant role in the Temperature ups and downs of Earth.

Yet to digress back to the beginning. There is one significant effect of an Internal process that can cause particle excitement. And No, we are not talking about things going Nuclear, or twelve year old arm pit noises that sound like farts.

However, with the multiple locations around the World, including the HAARP facility in Alaska, running EHF and ELF waves into our atmosphere.

With often the explicit motive to excite particles, often to change the weather.
Sometimes to cause Earthquakes and even some believe to create life like 3D holographic interactions with sound.

‘Your coming Alien Invasion.’

One must ask the question, are there powers that be, who are trying to advance an agenda of “Global Warming” through the scapegoat of farts? And if so, would they not use advanced tools at their disposal, funded by tax payers, hidden by black book programs to hide their nefarious and some might say, malicious behavior? Like say, exciting atmospheric particles in an attempt to create droughts in one area with an effect of tumultuous rains in another?

Well placed Earthquakes and the artificial heating up of one place while others have unseasonably cold spells. What are Spells really? We can’t say for sure, and it does sound very conspiratorial indeed.

It does seem odd, that especially since the Public exposure of certain individual’s proclivities and the general Public’s bucking of Elite pushed abnormal norms.

That suddenly again, carbon taxes, ocean and global warming and worse for your health fake food stuffs are surging in the politi-sphere.

Ultimately, we believe it is about control over us by them.

Who are “They”?

Well, Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, and Manly P. Hall do give us some insght into this. Though they do not all agree as to the goodness or terribleness of them.

Or farts for that matter.

ghost fart” (CC BY 2.0) by banjo d