California – Drowning in Stupid But Still No Rain

Man dressed as No Rain Bee

Fentanyl and immigrants are flooding into southern California but not rain. There is a historic drought in the west and southwest US states. The drought has exposed more than Jeffrey Toobin. Did climate change cause the current drought? Apparently, the droughts in the 1930s and 1950s were not caused by climate change just the current drought.

In the United States, dinosaur tracks were found in Texas. Many items surfaced in Lake Mead which were missing with more discoveries expected:

The Discoveries

  • Five sets of remains were found and DNA is being tested to see if one of them is Jimmy Hoffa. This was known to be a mob graveyard,
  • Another Hunter Biden Laptop was found in the Lake Mead.
  • A UFO from Area 51 was exposed.
  • Mutilated cattle have surfaced which some attribute to extraterrestrials or Tucker Carlson.
  • A drive in a waterproof case is believed to hold Hillary’s deleted e-mails.

Part of a human foot found in a cement overshoe floating in a hot spring in Yellowstone National Park is believed to be linked to a mob death. Could this foot belong to Jimmy Hoffa or another missing mobster? These guys got around.

China is seeding clouds with Viagra to replenish its shrinking Yangtze River. Central China’s Hubei province became the latest to announce it would seed clouds, to induce rainfall. There are several additional benefits of this cloud seeding; reduction in Alzheimers and an increase in population. China was willing to risk the second to produce rain. They know how to decrease population.The government wants to seed the clouds over the White house and Wilmington Delaware. We can’t imagine why since these are not drought locations. Dr. Jill is supporting the plan enthusiastically.

The Real President Donald Trump on Monday warned the temperature of the climate in United States had reached dangerous levels offering his assistance in cooling the heat in the  country. He did not indicate how he could assist in cooling the US. The Worst drought in Europe in 500 years has occurred. WWII warships have been found in the drying Danube. According to Joe Biden there were MAGA hats found among the effects.

A Crisis?

Crisis looms without big cuts to over-tapped Colorado River. Among the negative  consequences is the serious danger to the weed crop forcing the state to seek help from the federal government and the cartels. Flushing is being outlawed to limit water use to produce more power.

We at DogFacePonia started to Imagine, if they could only get water from the Ocean it might fix things. South Africa can, but Most of California can’t. They must have confused Desalination for DeSantis and claimed it was anti-LBTQ or must be racist. So far Nevada hasn’t offered to provide water to California like it provides electricity. Recalling Gavin Newsome and dressing up like a honey bee while doing a rain dance have not succeeded either. Sometimes you just can’t fix stupid.

No Rain bee” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Felixe