Jill Biden Fashion Empire

Jill Biden wearing green stripped dress.

Jill Biden has decided to use her time as first lady to do something really important for America. She plans to create a fashion empire. The Biden Administration thinks this is an excellent way for her to use her time. Sure she is a doctor but is she a real doctor? It’s hard to know. She is a teacher too we have been told.

I know when you look at her you think? Her? But the media must know something we don’t as she was on the cover of Vogue and 75 other magazines. Melania Trump was not featured on any and I don’t think Ivanka was either (while Trump was President anyway). Let’s not talk about Jen Psaki vs Kayleigh McEnany. Psaki has been on like 87 communist magazines so she must be the in thing. Raggedy Annie is totally the look these days.

Jill Biden after being noticed as a fashion icon has decided to found a new fashion company called Taxing Apparel. It will focus on clothing for wives of men with Dementia who have children with drug problems. The women’s clothing will focus on easy to put on pant suits. Hilary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi has been signed on to model for the new company. To help her company gets off the ground, the government has contracted with her to make designer Burqas in a rainbow of colors. They will be given free to Afghan refugees, who are or identify as women, to make them feel at home. This is a way better use of Taxpayer Money than buying more weapons for the Taliban.

Hunter Biden will assist in the men’s line of clothing. They sell watches (to look at during important events), suits and tax the rich underwear (which is optional when you film). For an additional charge they can point you in the direction of the best bagel place or drug dealer.

Hunter is of course totally qualified as he knows as much about fashion as he does about art. His Art Business is bringing in Millions from buyers all the time. Hunter will use his contacts in China to get cheap (slave) labor to produce the clothing.

We here in DogFacePonia can’t wait to see the apparel. We need a good laugh and some of the donkeys need new blankets.

Image From: “Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden Visits Austin” (CC BY 2.0) by Austin Community College