CCP Transition In Cleveland

During the 1st and so far the last Presidential debate of 2020 in Cleveland, we had some DogFace Pony Soldiers on the ground who were excited to see any spectacle occur and be a part of history in the making.

Our DFP Soldiers missed the pre-debate due to a broken down bus. But they got there in time to see the start of the Trump Biden Square-Off.

During that time, two DFP soldiers were kicked out for raiding the kitchen, hungry stomachs and all.

Three wandered back stage and were escorted off the premises… We are still waiting to hear from them. One managed to shake some hands from the Republican entourage. And one got some photos with the debate moderator though the phone was confiscated afterwards.

Of all seven DFP Soldiers, one came back with strange symptoms and we are awaiting tests results. We opted not to do the quick test since too many false positives have been noted.

One DFP Soldier brought back info on the debate. He wanted us to pay attention to body language and shadows. Since we here at Dog Face Ponia are not experts on such things we can only speculate.

But now that the President of the United States has contracted unusual symptoms stemming from the debates along with a handful of others from his team, but the other side is doing just fine. We speculate the CCP infiltrated the debates and did some unapproved cleaning. We can’t say for sure but we hope our DFP Soldiers from other camps gathered intel that could clear this up.

We wish everyone well that contracted anything unusual from Cleveland.

Image From: “Script Cleveland Sign” (CC BY 2.0) by nick.amoscato