Chicago Riots Blamed on Madigan Federal Investigation

JD Pritzker with Donald Trump

Illinois Speaker of the House Michael Madigan is the focus of a Federal Probe. Subpoenas were delivered Friday to Madigan’s third floor office at the State Capital. Governor J.B.Pritzker said if accusations were true Madigan should resign.

Supporters organized a peaceful protest over the Federal investigation.  The protest turned violent when the statue of Christopher Columbus was mistaken for Governor Pritzker.  A riot broke out when police tried to prevent the protesters from toppling the statue.  Eighteen police officers were hospitalized.  Madigan praised rioters for their support.

Mayor Lightfoot was more concerned with the behavior of ComEd.  Protesters opposed Mayor Lightfoot’s position fearing a blackout because of ComEd’s involvement in the scandal.

Image From: “President Donald J. Trump Meets with Gov” (Public Domain) by The White House