Democrats Circling Back to Florida Travel Ban

Map of state of Florida

Andrew Cuomo has convinced President Biden to ban travel to Florida to stop New Yorkers from moving to Florida. Florida is clearly a threat as schools and businesses are open and new businesses are opening too. He also pointed out that this would continue the efforts to isolate the Trump family members who have moved there. National fake news media would use this as an excuse not to cover Trump’s upcoming press conference (as though they needed an excuse).

Coyotes are planning a caravan from New York to Florida. Lindsey Graham is planning to go there to meet with Trump and play golf. If captured he will claim to be a strong, powerful and independent thinking woman (LadyG) going to Disney World. He believes that he can return after Disney refuses him admission, no problem. Disney is no longer allowing Republicans who voted for Trump’s acquittal to come there.

Florida sees at least one positive from the border closing. The illegal immigrants from Texas will also have difficulty coming to Florida. The previously mentioned caravans from New York may be joined by illegal immigrants from Texas. There are expected to be a large number of family units and princesses attempting to get to Disney World.

We at DogFacePonia believe this travel ban is ideologicphobic. Governor De Santis has taken a strong stance against this Travel Ban. He recently told Joe Biden to go circle back himself. We expect that De Santis will run for President in 2024 but, failing that, Florida may move to secede from the United States encouraged by the Biden administration.

Image From: “Florida Map” (CC BY 2.0) by tournamentcommittee