Democrats Fund Elections of What They Call Terrorists

MAGA hats for sale

Apparently, Democrats are now funding terrorists in elections. No, I am not talking about Ilhan Omar. I am talking about MAGA Republicans! Joe Biden told the world that MAGA Republicans are a threat to democracy. So much a threat that they have spent millions to help them win primaries.

Funding terrorists and terrible is not new for Democrats. Typically, when they contribute to candidates they don’t call them terrorists at the same time. One democratic operative said they preferred to face candidates that are dangerous to democracy just like they are.

“We are not looking for conniving pushovers like Mitch McConnell” they them said “We are looking for Candidates that we can get all riled up about election fraud that we committed in 2020”

Democrats have funded George Soros DAs throughout the country and defund the police movements. Both of these have caused major cities to become like war zones. To us at DogFacePonia this is what terrorism looks like. This and Joe left The Taliban (who are literally terrorists) a whole lot of money and equipment and has worked to block lawsuits to protect this money from going to 911 victims.

Despite all this, it is a bit strange to directly fund the election of those you say are undermining the election. Strange indeed. It might even make a logical person consider if Joe knows what he is saying or if he is just reading the teleprompter while doing a 3rd Reich impression.

Image From: “MAGA hats for sale outside Minneapolis T” (CC BY 2.0) by Tony Webster