Depend on Bill Barr

When AG Bill Barr testified before the House Judiciary Committee, he was denied a 5 minute break to use the bathroom.  Why you ask would Chairman Nadler take this action? He is “real class act” according to AG Barr. We at Dogfaceponia believe it was a response to the impending Flush for Freedom protest. Indeed, the Flush for Freedom on August 1 was so successful that a Reflush for Freedom is planned for September 1, 2020.  Chairman Nadler was taking this action to protect the swamp from draining caused by the Flush.

AG Barr advises witnesses and Congressional Members to consider their options for the future.  The swamp is expected to continue this practice in defense of the swamp in the future. The Justice Department has said that each person would be wise to have a Depend for these occasions.  If a person cannot afford a Depend, one will be provided for that person at no charge. The Justice Department is seeking to add this to the Miranda rights for all witnesses.