Dumpster Fires: The Truth of Trump

Over this past weekend the Republican (former Democrat), President Donald Trump held his first Presidential rally in Tulsa Oklahoma.

We got our eyes filled to the brim with good country folk, some peaceful protests and those on the right.

We also got an earful from the President, insinuating, ‘Let that Dumpster-Fire burn!’, and ‘We are going to sit back and roast chestnuts over it, Christmas is almost here anyways’.

We here at DogFacePonia could not believe our Summer ears!!!

Christmas in July! Seriously, it’s bad enough that we must endure Christmas Music before Thanksgiving, and who roasts chestnuts anymore anyways!?

Yet after talking it over with DFP staff, if there is going to be a Dumpster-fire, then we might as well get our Barbeque on. It is Summer after all and we have been cooped up working from home most days these past couple of months.

And I for one could go for some Vegan Dogs with some Veggie Burgers. And in the spirit of sharing and collective harmony. Spread the love and make sure everyone near or in that Dumpster-fire is getting fed!

We think it’s a crime to go hungry and we want to make sure that our charitable bones are in full swing!

We here at DogFacePonia wish everyone a Merry (COVID-19) Summer and a Happy Barbecue!

Image From: “Dumpster fire in front of the Waldo buil” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by bousinka