Will Families Eat Crow or Go Cold Turkey for Thanksgiving? Thanks Biden


Thanksgiving American style.  This year many will be going cold turkey because they can’t afford the fuel to bake their turkey. Large outbreaks of e-coli and listeria are expected.

Could the answer be Adult happy meals and child Happy Meals? These meals were made available only in the US just in time for Thanksgiving. McDonald introduced adult happy meals but only in the US. Still McDonalds has raised prices 30% which could put them out of range for many budgets. The good news is The McRib is available for the last time until the next last time.

Other families are planning on Mac and Cheese without the cheese. Some are telling their kids it’s really the fourth of July and cooking hot dogs. The government is holding down the price rise to a few cents. You can even get them at the Dollar Store we mean the Buck 25 store. So, the price is up just 25 cents, and we still have no idea what kind of meat is in them.

Everyone has dessert covered. Last year’s fruitcake was not thrown out by most families. There are many uses for the fruitcake like as a door stop or toilet brick.  Now it can be used for Thanksgiving as desert. Jill Biden was quoted as saying “Let them eat fruitcake”. Throw in some Halloween candy that you kids collected or whatever you bought in the clearance aisle on November 1st. One bright spot is that cranberries are down 24% but you can’t make a meal out to cranberries. Or can you?

A debate is ensuing over who will be eating crow.  Will it be Republicans who predicted a Red Wave? Or will it be Democrats who are claiming inflation doesn’t exist and crime is not widespread either? The real question is will it be pumpkin spice crow or peppermint.

Image From; “_Z2A5527 large-billed crow” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by budak