Halloween Costumes to Scare Liberals 2021 Edition

Young Adults wear Domestic Terrorist aprons

Last year we had a very popular post listing Halloween costumes that would scare liberals on Halloween. The people have asked us to do this again so we can’t let down the fans. We have our 2021 edition out to help you with all your Halloween fun.

1.) Hunter Biden – If I was a Liberal what would scare me the most? Certainly a lot in the list below would apply. Still what if someone exposed himself (literally) and Joe Biden? That would be scary right? Someone has over and over. His name is Hunter Biden and it is only a matter of time before someone actually notices one of his 25 lost laptops. Better yet get some Jill Biden clothing to wear.

2.) Kamala Harris – If you can find her but consider yourself lucky if you don’t. Wear a President Kamala Harris button and they’ll be really terrified. They’ll give you lots of candy to go away.

3.) Reinstated Trump – Trump is a Liberals biggest fear. He is like a boogie man that won’t go away. Here is the plan: get your MAGA hat, a Trump mask and maybe a diet coke. Tell everyone you have been reinstated. Freak them all out. Maybe hold a Super Spreader Rally!

4.) UnVaxxed and UnMasked – Literally just go next door or to a party for Halloween don’t wear a mask. Strike up a few conversations about how the vaccine mandates are tyranny. It will be fun either you will find some Patriots maybe the police will come either way it can be a real party.

5.) Delta Corona Variant – You or your child can go as a pilot for Delta. Bring $200 to pay your fine. you are good to go. Get your Corona Beer ready.

6.) $599.00 Check – Imagine someone got a check and it was under $600 and the government would not be able to track it. So scary.

7.) Tucker Carlson – Oh No! Here he is again a Main Stream (Fox anyway) Media reporter that is willing to speak the truth and expose liberals.

8.) Domestic Terrorist … I mean Parent of School Children – Imagine someone exercising their rights to freedom of speech. I know outrageously scary, Someone call Merrick Garland, Let’s Go Brandon.

9.) January 6th Insurrectionist – Dress up in a Bear Costume, get some Viking horns and become the most dangerous insurrectionist in America’s history. They are so dangerous that the FBI helped them break into the building. So dangerous the police opened the doors for them. So dangerous they literally killed no one.

10.) White Supremacist – see 7, 8 and 9 above.

11.) Illegal alien aka your next door neighbor. They don’t want a treat, they want your house. They are COVID Positive but allowed to work. This must be scary to Liberals right? Super Spreaders? Maybe not, because you know only unvaccinated conservatives are super spreaders.

12.) Brandon Brown – Speaking of Brandon. The man; the myth. Get Some NASCAR Gear or just dress up like Joe Biden’s back. That’s all reporters see. Maybe get a flag to decorate the yard in a very scary way. Then handout stickers to Trick or Treaters.

13.) Racist Baby – The Liberal logic here is no treat for you. You have a baby. If your baby is white it was born racist. You better get your baby some diversity training right away. Otherwise, they may have an expectation that people are either male or female (Mama and Dadda) thus they will become Anti-LBTQXYZ+. To get candy you must refer to your parents as Birthing Parent and Non-Birthing Parent. Unless you are Mayor Pete in which case take the next 6 weeks off.

Image From: “Temptation Ice Cream Domestic Terrorists” (CC BY 2.0) by GreenIsTheNewRed.com