Dollar Store Raising Prices to $1.25 is Called Racist

Dollar Tree Where Everything's $1.00

The Dollar store is an American institution. It’s a Safe Place people go where they basically know what they are getting into. They know how much everything costs. If you bought 50 items it would cost $50 plus tax. It was a place that everyone could be equal regardless of their background, neighborhood, religion, race, etc. Dollar Tree has now fixed all that by changing their price to $1.25. Here are some of the reactions we got when we asked people how they felt.

  • I feel Betrayed
  • Let’s Go Brandon
  • And this is only the first year of his presidency!
  • Doesn’t China still make cheap stuff?
  • F Joe Biden!
  • Wait I can get things for a buck 25? You should see what things cost where I shop?
  • Do they sell Pregnancy or Covid tests? That’s all I need to know.
  • If the price goes up, does that mean the economy is working?
  • It doesn’t matter, they still will have empty shelves.
  • 25% Inflation. Crap that is less than I thought.
  • Glad I save all the Jefferson ($2) bills. Time to get arrested.
  • Their whole existence is a lie now. What other lies did they tell us?

Just remember, if you like the price increase you are probably racist. Also if you don’t like it you are probably racist.

To help us understand, we at DogFacePonia we reached out for comment from Jen Psaki, aka Grand Brandon Word Wizard. The Grand Brandon Wizard let us know this is just a natural logical progression and people can be comforted by the fact that if expectations hold Dollar Store will be twice the store it ever was before. She detailed that if a 25 cent increase happens each year of the Biden presidency 2 Dollar Store will be back in a nice round number that will provide a Safe Place to Democrats across the nation twice as good as it ever did before. Unfortunately, we here in DogFacePonia have no idea what Jen Psaki was talking about but we are sure it was clear and logical to mindless sheep. When we asked Joe Biden, he said “If you didn’t vote for the 2 Dollar store than you ain’t black“.

Image From: “Dollar Tree” (CC BY 2.0) by JeepersMedia