Emperor (almost) Dissolves Republic

In a move that shocked the Republic, Emperor Biden tried to dissolve Congress. Expert witnesses tell us at Dog Face Ponia.

Thankfully Imperial Guard Leader Pelosi calmed him down and just dismissed the House until next session saying,

“The emperor can handle this all on his own. We’ll reconvene after he finds all his clothes, and possibly some marbles, in fact could be sometime. Don’t call us, We’ll call you.”

Committees will continue as long as they are operating under Imperial order any others however will need to take a forced two week lunch.

A concerned Citizen at the Capitol stated, “After all, they got the one thing they wanted completed done, Impeaching A President not in office anymore”.

Representatives of the Old Republic were of coursed miffed by this. Rep. McCarthy leading a rebuttal, used strong language in an attempt to look powerful but fell in line quickly because he knows who butters his bread.

DFP reporters on the ground keep telling us they are still unsure why the Emperor needed so many Troopers in the Capital.

Anyone that may have put a stop to this has long been arrested by way of lack of air saturation as all the gasping zombies flailing on the ground seems to indicate.

Image From: “Emperor Arrives at the Death Star” (CC BY 2.0) by Adam Purves (S3ISOR)