Make Impeachment Great Again

The Congress is moving to change impeachment as covered in the Constitution. Besides removal from office and not being allowed to hold office in the future, the Congress wants to add new penalties. Among those suggested include:

  • Banning all statues in the future
  • Removal of all existing statues and or memorials
  • Removal of all historical references
  • Cancellation from all present and future communications
  • Requiring descendents to pay reparations
  • Putting all supporters on a blacklist

It’s time to make a mess, Right and Left, we can all take turns impeaching ex-presidents even dead presidents. We have some ideas on where we can start.

Richard Nixon – We need to correct a mistake of history. Nixon was never actually impeached because he resigned and that needs to change. Some will say he was Pardoned by Ford. However, just because you are pardoned of criminal offenses doesn’t mean we can’t impeach you. Plus some have talked about erecting of Nixon statues and but Schumer says all erections must be stopped.

FDR – Many love Roosevelt let’s focus on him not understanding the future. FDR was elected 3 times this is now illegal so …. impeach him.

Any President that owned slaves …. Impeach them all.

We could spend 8 years getting through all these impeachments. Lets decide what history want to keep with each presidency. Not only undoing Executive Orders but undoing the entire history. Then we can just paint Impeach murals all around because it will be super popular. CNN will run a nightly report on who was impeached today! (This way we can ignore what is really happening and have an impeachaton). We could use start impeaching people as way of “Cancelling” them. What could go wrong?

This is the Dumbocracy the Democrats are giving us. It’s not a train wreck or anything.

Image From: “Impeach” (CC BY 2.0) by Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!