Fani Willis’s Future to Go in New Directions

Fani Willis sitting at a Table.

In today’s Diversity Equity and Inclusion World, Fani Willis is looking forward to a future with lots of cash and prominence. Fani Willis exuded confidence in the misconduct hearing, unlike Nathan Wade her paramore. She came out strong because she had a plan for the future.  There are so many potential opportunities to increase her cash stash. Democrats are melting down as they are trying to eliminate cash.

Her hero is the Georgia Governor, Stacey Abrams, who wrote romance novels. That is a good fit for Fani. Stacey also had cameos on Star Trek and Curb Your Enthusiasm. She has some new ideas planned because her current gig might be up soon.

Some Potential employment opportunities for Fani:

  • A news column called Dear Fani – Look out Abbey here she comes.
  • Fani has received an advance offer to write a book on personal relationship advice.
  • A movie on her life is being considered titled Fani Girl. Look out Barbara.
  • The View has been courting Fani – Whoopi may be in trouble.
  • She would be a White Supremacy Identifier – She can spot White Supremacy in places nobody has ever seen it before.
  • Fani would be a great travel agent and/or spokesperson for a travel agency. Possibly a Cruise Director.
  • George Soros could fund a new dating site called Fharmony. Strangely, Trump passed on this great business opportunity.
  • Fani Springer could be a new show on Fox. This would improve the network’s DEI score.
  • She could incorporate a laundromat business to launder clothes and money.
  • Fani could become a new kind of vigilante “Dark Fani … She fights Trump’s made-up crimes by committing real ones!”
  • MSNBC is considering Fani Willis as an opinion host – A new Joy Reid has finally been found.
  • In the future, you could get your financial advice from Fani as CNBC seeks her addition as co-host on Mad MoneyBooyah
  • A Financial Advice Book has been planned to accompany this; The advance would be paid in cash.

Fani’s Financial Advice

  • Keep huge cash reserves
  • Pay in cash to avoid a paper trail
  • Charge on a business credit card so you can deduct the charge on taxes while getting reimbursed
  • Do business in cash and don’t keep receipts or establish a paper trail
  • Arrange all payments in cash

We at DogFacePonia see a bright future for Fani. She may have to buy a big house to store her cash by her Corvette that is if she doesn’t end up in prison. If all else fails when she gets out she can work at McDonalds. We have heard they will hire anyone. We’re lovin it.

Image Source: Fulton County Government / YouTube