Fani Willis A Superhero to Democrats. Not Even the Law can stop her.

Fani Willis in from of American Flag

Fani Willis has indicted Trump and 18 others on 41 Charges for trying to overturn the 2020 Election. To Democrats she is a Superhero. I mean they must stop Trump in any way they can! At this point Trump might be the all-time record holder for number of counts he has been indicted for. With the most impeachments and indictments ever, he is the Champion. Still at this point he has not been convicted of any crime. Fani Willis (no relation to Bruce Willis) has come to stop him. Though sadly her indictment is about as coherent as Bruce is these days.

Trump and anyone who worked as part of his legal staff is indicted on RICO charges. What is interesting is that they are stating Trump hacked into Coffee Country Election systems. But wait Fani doesn’t have jurisdiction there, right? And Trump hacked a country he won by 70%-30%? It wasn’t enough? I guess Trump needed to win by 80%. Was he looking for the 11,780 votes? I guess he should have fixed a water pipe.

Questions Remain

Then there is this question on the fact that all charges were posted to the web prior to completing the findings of the Grand Jury? Tampering with a jury anyone? Fani Willis came out before The Fulton County (and really the whole nation) and declared “I am the LAW!!” Which is interesting because she has never done anything to protect the law before. She is not a special counsel nor is she an Attorney General so where is her authority to go outside of Fulton County? Fani “Honey Badger” Willis don’t care, she does what she wants. In her mind it is worth it to ignore the law to get Trump. Most Democrats Agree. Unfortunately, for Fani this isn’t really true or legal.

Fani had no other work to do as they just release all the violent criminals. This way she had plenty of time to go after Trump. Fani thought it was a good plan to prosecute the whole team at the same time. This might be kind of dangerous because you know there are a lot of really good legal minds against her. They probably are not interested in prison. Hilariously, Rudy Guliani who pushed RICO violations in New York to stop the Mob is now charged with one. I imagine he might know more about those laws than she does.

Here at DogFacePonia we began to wonder what Fani Willis could have as a Super Hero/Super Villain Name.

Super Name Ideas:

  • Fulton Frost
  • Typhoid Fani
  • Dark Fani
  • Nightshade Fani
  • Super Fani
  • Fani Dredd
  • Ricolaw Willis
  • Ego Willis
  • Fani Badger
  • Pile on Willis

Let’s hope America gets a real superhero to save us from the garbage. Just remember at this point they are just trying to drain Trumps money and time with endless legal battles. Gov Kemp of Georgia had nothing to say. Jack Smith was sad because he had planned to make up those charges. Strangely all this started coming out like clockwork just days after a special counsel was declared for Hunter. It like they wanted to push it out of the news or something.

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