Jack Smith Makes a List of Indictments to Use the Next Time Biden is in Trouble

Jack Smith Special Council

Jack Smith recently added 4 indictments to Trump’s record! The most for any President in history! Still, it doesn’t feel like enough for the DOJ or the Democrats. Why stop? Hunter is still out there and there is no doubt more and more evidence will be coming out. They are preparing to add more indictments exactly 1 day after information comes out on the Biden Family. Just as they have now done at least 3 times in a row. These indictments are only needed if the Republican Party continues to investigate poor Hunter.

Richard Nixon was only officially threatened with 3 charges for Watergate. Gerald Ford pardoned him before it could all play out. Aaron Burr who was vice president managed to get tried for treason, but they didn’t get a conviction. Jack Smith and the DOJ are hard at work to come up with the next set of indictments against Trump. It might be harder to come by the next time but make no mistake they are getting ready. We have spoken with our deep cover agents, and they have come up with a list of what the next indictments will be.

Coming Indictments should they be needed:

  • Defamation of Hunter’s Character – Saying anything bad about Hunter despite a mountain of evidence he is guilty.
  • Saying there was Election Fraud – Basically, this is in the current indictment but they are looking at ways to word it differently so they can add more indictments.
  • Being in the Wrong Political Party – Did someone say MAGA Extremist?
  • Having Too Many Children – More than 2 is too many. This is destroying the climate just like cow farts. Sure, Biden has more, but he is a Democrat so he can do what he wants.
  • Talking to Business Associates of his children about business – This may not be illegal for Biden because he is talking about the weather. But Trump actually does business and actually made money not off brides and the American people, so this should be illegal.
  • Talking to his seventh Grandchild – Trump has at least 10 grandchildren but we have heard it is not legal to acknowledge the 7th for some reason unless Hunter says it’s okay.
  • Cocaine found in White House – Clearly Trump left it there when he departed in 2020 what other explanations could there be?
  • Saying he never met a woman – We found out that Trump was liable for E. J Carrol’s sexual assault and defamation of character despite there being no proof he met her. So, I mean he could be tried for saying he doesn’t know a lot of people.
  • Speaking in complete sentences – Unacceptable come on man is he trying to defame Biden’s Character?
  • Being White – How can he even look at himself in the mirror?
  • Power hair means white supremacy. – Really White Supremacy is the charge even though they tell me he is orange.
  • Sleeping on a Mypillow – Nothing says Insurrection like a Mypillow.
  • Running in the 2024 Election – This might be too easy as it is the real reason for all this.
  • Saying Mean Things or Mean Truths – He is the real deal. He could say or Truth mean things and bam new indictment. He said in Truth, “If you go after me, I’m coming after you!” Bam the court was on him right away! Imagine if they went through everything he said or tweeted over the years! The 1st amendment is not a big deal. They will just keep suing and indicting him because you know they are mean to Hunter.
  • Going shirtless at the beach. Wait that was Biden.

All of this brings us to the important point that if they run out of ideas, they can just look at things Biden has done! We at DogFacePonia think the real point of this is to stop Trump from running. As an added bonus they can spend his money on legal fees. This way it is not spent on the Campaign. It’s like a win-win. As an added bonus your tax money pays for the prosecution. It’s not important to worry about other crimes running rampant they just want to get Trump.

United States Department of Justice, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons