The Brothers of Perpetual Manhood

Family Men

A new group has been founded in response to recent events. They are calling themselves the “Brothers of Perpetual Manhood”. This group will be dedicated to being men. Some of its stated goals are to protect God and Country and to prevent the extinction of humankind. Some on the left are suggesting this group is dangerous.

What The Brothers of Perpetual Manhood Apprise to do

  • Go To Work
  • Support our Country
  • Support Those who sacrificed for our Country.
  • Go to Church on Sundays
  • Respect your elders.
  • Get Married
  • Follow the Constitution.
  • Have as many children as you want!
  • Have boys and girls and teach them to be men and women.
  • Be excellent Fathers.
  • Play sports if you want, just not in women’s leagues.
  • They say drink beer if you want but not Bud Light.
  • Learn disciple and respect.
  • Never go to a ballgame to see a nun do a pole dance on the cross.
  • Own a Gun if you want but know safety first.
  • Drive cars that take gasoline to work to make money for the family. This is done because you can’t afford an EV.
  • Never Shop at Target

The Biden Administration is considering labeling the group a Hate Group. They have said they have domestic extremist views. The Group is clearly Anti-LGBTQIA+ as it suggests parents raise their children to the gender they were born as. They have extreme views like following the constitution by owning guns and freely practicing religion. They also are said to hate the environment by not purchasing EV cars and by having a large family.

If all this was not enough the name of the group mocks an LGBTQIA+ group that mocks a group. Mocking Catholics is acceptable but mocking LGBTQIA+ groups is not acceptable even if they are mocking a Religion. Worst of all it is possible these men might secretly say Rosaries.

Image From: “Family Men” (CC BY 2.0) by Joe Shlabotnik