Galactic Problems

We here in DogFacePonia believe that many actions have been taken that are wrong! We denounce them in the strongest possible terms regardless of the perpetrators.

  1. No one storms our federal buildings.
  2. No loss of life in a riot is acceptable.
  3. No one takes away Freedom of Speech

All elections have now been decided by the media and powerful companies. We here in DogFacePonia decided to take a new look at the numbers in the most logical way possible to fit the narrative and bring “peace“. We figure the Democrats will first increase the number of states in order to dilute any remaining power in the Senate. Next Expand the Courts to wipe out any power in the courts. Next the best solution to legitimate President Biden is to look back at history for answers. So next they have decided that for all elections they will only count 3/5 of Republican votes. This will surely destroy any question of a Biden presidency. To begin this process, ban 2/5 of Republicans from speaking on social media platforms and bankrupt 2/5 of the conservative media outlets (and Businesses in General). This will secure what history deemed the 3/5 compromise in a very logical way. They basically tell conservatives they are 3/5 of a person which will certainly maintain the “peace“.

Darth Sidious, said “And we shall have peace” and “Go and bring peace to the empire”

The followers of Chancellor Palpatine aka Darth Sidious cheered loudly during the destruction of freedom and death that followed order 66. The Jedi were no more, they were the enemy. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away we learned this is totally fine. Destroy the Republic(an) party. It is not enough to defeat your enemy, you must destroy them.

We here in DogFacePonia don’t believe destroying or killing your enemies or advocating that is ok. Violence doesn’t win. So to prevent the loss of life we will all have to compromise with the 3/5 clause. It worked out so well in the past just like Anakin brought peace in the movie. One day the Republic(an) party may rise again to release us from slavery (just like last time) under Twitter, Google, Facebook, Apple and the Democratic Party. We have a movie title idea we have been tossing around, “A New Hope”

Or maybe we just stop the cancel culture, work through our problems like Americans and build a better future?

Original Image From: “Earth” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by kristian fagerström