Georgia Announces it will be a few days to get the numbers Right (or Left)

The State of Georgia has preemptively announced that it will be a few days before final results will be in from the runoff elections.

“The DNC will need time to figure out the right number of votes to add. It will be harder this time” said one Fulton County election official “We will need to figure out how to add votes and this time more people are watching.”

Fulton County is going to wait for the results of a number of large Republican counties so they can add the right number to over take them. “You don’t want to add too many as people might get suspicious.” said an anonymous official.

It might take a few days to find the right opening for the massive dumps as done0 in the November 3rd election. There are plans to pass votes under the table as well.

Democrats have seen a boost from moving people to Georgia and illegally getting them on the voter lists.

Meanwhile some republicans are content to wait it out to report numbers just to make it harder. “We know they are going to cheat so we are not gonna report for a few days just to mess with them.” said one Republican Official.

The Democrates are up against hard odds to “Steal this Election”.

They have a few things in their favor with Dominion changing votes, dead people resurrected by a warlock(Warnock) to vote for them. It will be harder this time as The Ghostbusters have been spotted at polling places. That said we know that Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger wont find any republican votes but will let Democrats find all the votes they need.

We here at Dogfaceponia are gonna be roasting marshmallows to prepare for the Stay Puff Marshmallow man should he come to destroy America. Either way this runoff election is destined to be a dumpster fire.

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