Letter to Leftists Who Want to Cancel Mothers Day

Mommy Lion and her Cub

Happy Mothers Day to all of the Moms out there who deserve it.

Not to people like you leftists (non-moms) who seek to cancel, complain and let others do the work. That is not Moms, they work and listen to complaints all day.

So you leftists will try to cancel Mothers day. After all, you think not everyone has a mother. These days you might have 2 Dads or a former mother that now identifies as a Unicorn. Worse some have lost a mother.

So here is the deal, Mother’s day is about work. We could call it a second Labor Day. Regardless of what your situation is, if nothing else someone birthed you. She faced hours of labor and years of bodily change during and after the pregnancy. That, you leftist moron, is your mother. If she had become a whatever, whatever, she did the work deserves at least that much credit. But the typical ideas these days are to give credit or money to those who did not do the work. You also want to stop praising people for the work they do because someone might be offended by the work they don’t do. Can I get an Awomen?

We will not cancel Christmas because someone is not Christian. We will not cancel St Patrick’s day because someone is not Irish. We have not cancelled Labor Day because someone does not do any work.

Mother’s are under appreciated and not paid for the work they do. So go jump off a cliff you cancellers. Have you worked a day in your life or did you abort your opportunities? And no, work is not breaking into Target and stealing a new TV. Now you decided to come for my family, My Mother and Wife’s day F$@% off.

Can Mothers get one thing, one day? There is a reason we can’t have nice things, You Cancellers are that reason.

Image From: “Posing mother and cub” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by Tambako the Jaguar