Liberals Afraid Barrett Might Have Principles

Amy Coney Barrett began a Senate Hearing this week to be our next Supreme Court Justice. We quickly found out she is the smartest person in the room (low  bar). For the most part, there were a lot of idiots talking out of their donkeys.

These Donkeys talked of DarkMoney. Amy dominated the room but when asked of money she looked confused. Apparently, Money is not her Game (like everyone else in the room).  After all, this whole election is based on the Democrats starting peaceful protests (riots) with DarkMoney (George Soros) not to mention they are getting more in DarkMoney than the Republicans (3 to 1). Democrats are using DarkMoney all over. But holy moly someone put some money behind the idea of freedom and supported Amy. What is happening !!!! Democrats are sad they do not have a monopoly on DarkMoney.

Nancy Pelosi said “this is ridiculous I thought we had all the DarkMoney from China and the rest of the world?” The NBA has been making inroads on China money though.

Senator Whitehouse, who has hugely benefited from DarkMoney himself, challenged Barrett on DarkMoney. She basically didn’t know what he was talking about. He is the one who understands as he gets millions each election cycle. He will spend the next day trying to think of a question for Amy but we are not sure he has enough brain cells left.

Worse yet…. It seems Amy Coney Barrett has principles!!! What do the Democrats do to derail this? They have no Principles (outside of the schools system anyways). She is not a man, it is hard to come up with sexual assault (sexist). A rumor is going she goes to church regularly with her family. Ask any young child being forced to go to church could be a form of child abuse. The Democrats are thinking of parading her children in from of the committee, so they can garner an intellectual edge. Some of the Democrats are worried this might backfire because a real chance exists that her children are already smarter than so it would be a bold more.

Holy … Something she is Catholic !!! So is Clarence Thomas, Sotomayor, John Roberts and Alito. I mean the Pope could take over! Or maybe …. Just maybe, it shouldn’t be about religion(separation of Church and State anyone?). I mean Joe Biden and Pelosi are Catholic (lite) and nobody seems concerned. Democrats should be scared of someone who does more than go through the motions. It is rumored she might even have said a rosary.

We asked Joe Biden about Rosaries and he said “You are right Melania Trump messed up the Rose garden and when I am Elected we will fix it.”

We here at Dogfaceponia do not understand any of this and question if anyone is even looking at her record as opposed to who nominated her. But just look at her red Handmaiden Dress on the first two days and know she is mocking you.  Is She is wearing Red for Republican? They will say whatever makes the Democrats feel ok with blocking a women, a mother, from the court, There are only 85 million mothers in America but they are not a minority so clearly the Democrats don’t want one on the court. The biggest fear Democrats have is that Amy Coney Barret is One Holy Mother.

Image From: “President Trump Nominates Judge Amy Cone” (Public Domain) by The White House