Baby Shark Infects White House Staff

A plot was developed to infect the White House staff with the Covid-19 virus. The maintenance workers for the Rose Garden were hypnotized during sensitivity training in order to cause them to introduce the corona virus.  An altered spray was brought into the White House when Melania renovated the Rose Garden in order to go back to its previous design. Whenever Baby Shark was played, workers were to do as programmed and switch to this corona virus infected spray. 

Smelling the Roses

Stopping to smell the roses is an act of appreciation and recognizing the source of the goodness in our lives. It means taking time to appreciate the daily moments that bring us joy.  Thus no one was suspicious when the phrase “stop and smell the roses” was included in a speech in the Rose Garden (in order to subliminally encourage attendees to do just that).

Smelling the roses caused the smeller to inhale the virus.  So at Amy Comey Barrett’s recent Supreme Court nomination ceremony for Judge, it provided an ideal super spreader event. Many believe she was the target but reports say she already has had Covid-19. Many people smelled the roses after being prompted by the speaker. Everyone in the rose garden for Amy Coney Barrett, who smelled the roses, was infected with the Corona virus.

When Trump gave roses to Melania, he gave her and himself the virus as both enjoyed smelling the bouquet.  From there, the virus continued to spread.

The plot was discovered by DogFacePonia.  Ponies have a keen sense of smell and are immune to corona because they all take HCQ to cure various cancers.  Also they love to play Baby Shark and the response of the landscaping crew immediately alerted them as to the plot.

Image From: “Rose Garden Flowers in Bloom” (Public Domain) by The White House