Lincoln Statues seen crying as Illinois becomes a Democrapatopia

The State of Illinois voted like a thief in the night at 4am (So the reasonable people could not protest) to become one step closer to a 3rd world nation. The State (soon to be Banana Republic) passed a bill to defund the police. This Bill is one of the most dangerous in the nation.

“Typically when Illinois has a controversial bill they vote in the middle of the night. This way Conservatives are not there to protest, as they don’t riot in the middle of the night like Liberals. Whenever there is an important vote or one that the people of the state might object to, the Illinois Senate likes to play games you would expect from a 3rd world country run by a dictator.” said Illinois House Republican Leader Jim Durkin.

Liberals are excited this is the magical land of hope they have been waiting for!!! Illinois is of course basically already a 3rd world country.

  • Illinois has one of the largest debt per capita in the USA – check
  • Illinois has a dictator (Mike Madigan) who has been running the state for since 1983 as speaker with the exception of a 2 year period from 1995-1997. check
  • Defunding the police (voted to do this in an overnight session recently to avoid protests) – check
  • Corrupt dictator blocks anyone from running against him (Madigan is accused of corruption and pushes anyone running against him or his allies off the ballots). Check
  • Increased gerrymandering to cancel any remaining conservatives – Check
  • Refugees fleeing to surrounding areas (the Illinois population keeps dropping as people flee to surrounding states) – check

“We have basically become a 3rd world republic with a corrupt dictator in Illinois. We figured we might as well vote on it to make it official” said one Illinois Senator anonymously for fear of retribution from Madigan.

Congratulations Illinois you are a dumpster fire. J B Pritzker a multimillion buddy of the dictator pretends to wield power as governor. He is mad because the Illinois Constitution has not been totally abolished yet to allow him to raise taxes at will. If Democrats have their way the whole country will be a 3rd world country where we bow to Pelosi the speaker of the house just like Illinois government bows to Madigan.

Next Illinois plan to take down all signs and statutes that include Lincoln because he was a hateful White Republican. Also some people are tired of seeing him weep about the condition of his home state. Democrats are looking to change the state slogan from “Land of Lincoln” to “Land of Victims” as with more crimes inevitably there will be more victims.

Some in the United States Senate are concerned that if Illinois secedes from reality and officially becomes a 3rd World dictatorship (AKA Democrats wildest dream). Will they lose 2 Democratic Senators Tammy Duckworthless and “DD” Dick Durbin?

We here in DogFacePonia are prepared to take in Refugees from the Illinois Dumpster Fire. We have Marshmallows, Hotdogs and Toilet Paper Ready.

Image From: “Lincoln” (CC BY 2.0) by Conal Gallagher