NBA Playoffs – Back now with Proper Rage and Flag Hating

NBA players such as Lebron James and others have been outspoken in their feelings. Some had suggested ending the Season in protest of Police Brutality. The NBA reportedly made a deal to bring them back. The NBA has had focus groups to determine the best ways to entertain the few loyal fans that remain and keep players happy and willing to continue the playoffs. The Focus group has decided that some major changes are needed. The following list are the ideas that made it to the top of focus groups.

  1. The National Anthem has become a hot button for sports and one very popular idea has been to replace it with a flag burning to start each game. People who find the Kneeling offensive would totally come back; the focus groups decided after removing their collective heads from the behind of the Horse’s intend to help them think clearly. Players would like this too because it would remind them of the riots they support.
  2. The focus groups also decided that NBA players should use colorful derogatory language toward the white players, as they are minority in the NBA and should be abused verbally. A public test of this was already given by Montrel Harrell to see how it works on audiences. White Players in some cases do not kneel and are clearly to blame for “Systematic Racism” so deserve this treatment.
  3. Gay slurs have always run rampant in the NBA, but it is determined that demeaning activities are the pride of county based on ongoing riots and looting. So gay slurs should be used often, and appropriately, just as peaceful protests are.

The NBA has said these additions should bring our game to a new hateful level that everyone will love, as hate leads to less tension in society. Thus, the NBA will be leading the way for the country in more demeaning ways than it already has. This was done to appease the players and fans alike.

Image From: “Game Over-1” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Timm Suess