Oscar the Grouch Endorses Joe Biden

Joe Biden scores another celebrity endorsement in Oscar the Grouch. Oscar said he likes Biden because he is a grouch just like him. “You’d be a grouch too if you had to live in the basement all the time” he said.  He went on to explain that both he and Biden like to smell things. “I love the smell of Fresh Garbage. Joe likes to smell of children”

Oscar said he knows an old grouch when he sees one. We have seen Biden call people Chumps and Lying DogFace Pony soldiers, so therefore must be a grouch. Oscar also suggested if Biden is elected the whole nation might be “Garbage” which would be the best case.

Unlike the parade of rich celebrities singing songs, telling us what to do and to vote for Biden. Muppets have been less likely to announce who they support.

Yoda expressed concerns about Biden turning to the darkside as he seemed to fear everything from COVID to his own party. Now we have seen that darkside  on Hunter’s Laptop. We might know where Yoda stands. Elmo and Kermit the frog have yet to release for whom they are voting.

Sesame Street is a diverse neighborhood with Monsters, Muppets and Humans of different backgrounds. Although no arcuate poll has been conducted CNN has announced Joe Biden with win the neighborhood by a landslide.

One Puppet, Triumph the Comic Insult Dog, has also come out in support of Biden saying “Biden would be a really really good President for me to Poop on.”

Image From: “DC pics 089” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by How I See Life